OceanGliders Salinity SOP

This GitHub repository is for the OceanGliders Salinity Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Read the SOP here.

Everyone is welcome to join the SOP at any time.

Community review

The community review is open from November 2021 to June 30 2022.

Who is invited to review?

Constructive feedback by anyone is welcome. We encourage both experts and new gliders users who want to start observing oxygen to feedback on the document. For example: Experts are welcome to critically assess the specific methods and uncertainty ranges outlined in the SOP. New users can help to improve the SOP by providing a feedback from the user perspective. Please let us know that you use the SOP.

How to contribute

See contributer guideline here

Next steps

  1. Community review on GitHub starting in November 2021 until June 30 2022

  2. Follow the requirements for the GOOS endorsement process as outline in Hermes 2020

  3. Depositing of first major SOP release at the Ocean Best Practice System (OBPS) + doi by OBPS.

  4. Submission of shorter version to Frontiers: Research Topic Best Practices in Ocean Observing for peer-review mid 2022

The main SOP document will always reside in this GitHub repository to allow updates within the OceanGliders community at any time. After major revisions regular peer-reviewed updates are planned.


Do you have any questions related to salinity measurements on gliders? Or do you struggle to comment the SOP document? Just raise a question here.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Generic License.

Code of Conduct

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