9. Data sharing#

It is strongly recommended that delayed mode (fully processed, calibrated, quality controlled and flagged) data is published at a recognized World Data Centre for archiving and redistribution of the data. A unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is most commonly created for these data sets. The community also recommends that the data is published with open and free access. An example North Lab-on-Chip NO3-+NO2- glider dataset, complete with readme file and data flags, generated as part of the AlterEco project can be accessed at the British Oceanographic Data Centre [].

OceanGliders strongly encourages all glider operators to share their data to the public and provide open access both in real time and delayed mode. The best practices of data sharing are described in the [OceanGliders data management user manual](add link to the OceanGliders data management user manual).